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Dominator Design Development · Dominator 640

Dominator Design Development · Dominator 880
28 Febbraio 2017
Barracuda · 80
28 Febbraio 2017

With the launch of the new Dominator 640, the Dominator shipyard and its staff made another step towards implementing their brand-new philosophy.
This 20 meter long and 5 meter wide yacht represents the best of made in Italy for handcraft production and details, like the style of the interior and exterior. The extended windshield and sleek lines of the superstructure clearly show the personal inspiration of the Designer Alberto Mancini originally coming from the field of sportscar design. The tremendous large windows that clearly create the distinctive character of this yacht suffuse it with an extraordinary amount of light and are a pleasant feast for the eyes. Different details of the exterior have been specifically designed to emphasize the living space of the yacht.

Steel, glass and teak for the tables, a lighting plan study of cockpit and fly, together with the chromatic choice of outdoor sofas create an atmosphere that already identifies the unique style of the interior. The Dominator 640 is not intended as a yacht for everyone. The choice of the materials and details was made very accurate due to an approach to the interior design which originally derived from a megayacht concept. Back-lit onyx marble, oak and carbhalo wood create a relaxing and exclusive atmosphere: warm and soft materials such as Alcantara and warm leather are combined with cold materials such as mirror, glass and lacquered wood, creating a sophisticated game of contrasts and light. The texture used in the dashboard best expresses the sporty and elegant identity of this yacht.

A decisive role is played by the owner’s cabin of the Dominator 640. The glass windows surface has been extended to the double compared to the previous model to bring a great amount of natural light to this area. The underlying concept was to create true master suite designed to enjoy the contact with the sea. The use of mirrored windows between the cabin and the bathroom filters out light and increases the perception of space while maintaining privacy and giving a spectacular view from the shower.

The Dominator 640 features a hydraulic Bimini top, which can also be a carbon hard-top on request. Additionally the yacht comes with a maneuvering joystick that allows performing every maneuver precisely by only moving the lever in the chosen direction and therefore easily turns the sea in a luxury playground that can be conquered with “MAN 1200”. Another essential technological upgrade is the installation of new thermal and night vision cameras that are real lifesavers during night navigation. They perfectly reconstruct the thermal images of the environment as they rotate 360°. Furthermore, all the information and images can be viewed and processed in any smartphone or tablet. Moreover, the D640 is equipped with an AIS system for recognizing emitted signals, directions and speed from other motor and sailing yachts. New micro systems enabled the installation of 3G Wi-Fi connection in every room to reach the same comfort as in every luxury hotel. Additionally, all multifunctional displays and touch screens are larger and offer an easy-to-use interface. The cockpit features new carbon fiber shell seats on which the owner feels enthroned while overlooking the whole sea. The gangway has been enlarged; the salon and the master cabin are equipped with an avant-garde home theater system and also the crew members can enjoy TV entertainment in their cabins.

By default, all the Dominator models present a completely accessible engine room with high-tech equipment and systems. Every major system is redundant in design to bring safety and ensure a carefree operation of the personalized Dominator under any conditions. Every component and every system is arranged in an elegant and intelligent way to reach a scrupulously clean engine room that gives pleasure when entering it. Certainly the D640 builds on that standard and an innovative, completely removable aluminum frame system was installed for that purpose.

During the production of this yacht not only innovative but also technically advanced materials have been used extensively to arrive at the maximum level of safety and comfort. The whole hull was constructed by utilizing the vacuum-infusion technology and using carbon for selected structural components to save weight on the one hand and enhancing rigidity on the other hand. Furthermore, the thermal and acoustic aspects of the insulation have been improved profoundly, following a detailed study of sound propagation that investigated all different acoustic zones within the yacht.  Multi-layered fiber boards and sponges dampen the greatest range of emitted frequencies. Moreover, the highly effective anti-vibrating frames are installed to prevent the transmission of vibrations along the structures of the yacht. The aim of these efforts is to allow the customer the most quiet-running and smooth cruising they ever experienced. Safety, comfort and reduced consumption of resources are therefore unified in the Dominator 640.

The combination of the unique design and the perfect nautical engineering makes the Dominator 640 a yacht that has no competition in its range: because the members of the exclusive Dominator circle only deserve the Best!